World Cup Fun Facts!

11/22/2022 - read

Started in 1930 and then became the most popular sports event across the globe, it’s time for the FIFA World Cup, and we couldn’t be more excited!

As the countdown to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is finally over, we thought of taking you through a trip down memory lane in case you don’t remember or weren’t born yet 😊, don’t worry. Here are a few fun facts about the FIFA World Cup:

Germany has played the most matches

With a record of 106 matches, Germany reserves the 1st place in the list of national teams for the most played matches in a World Cup.

They have also made it to most finals, semi-finals, and quarter-finals! Definitely, a team to watch out for!

If your National Team is going up against Germany, it’s not going to be an easy match because Germany has also scored 224 goals in all the World Cups tournaments, making it the top-scoring team in the World Cup as well! Good-Luck.

In 2010, New Zealand did not win, but they did not lose either

How did this happen? The New Zealand football team drew all their matches vs. Slovakia, Italy, and Paraguay, which means they didn’t win, but they didn’t lose either.

This makes the New Zealand team the only team that has never been defeated in a World Cup tournament!

Some teams prefer youth’s spirit, some prefer experience

Yugoslavia had the youngest players in the 1930 tournament, the average age of players was 21 years! While Germany broke the record for the oldest lineup with a player’s average age of 31 years in 1998.

Norman Whiteside from the Northern Ireland team was the youngest player ever to play in the World Cup. He had just turned 17 years old when he participated with his national team in 1982.

World Cup in winter for the first time

World Cup tournaments have always been held during the summer, but the 2022 Qatar World Cup is going to be an exception; fans and football players alike must be relieved.

We will be enjoying this year’s tournament in the outdoor fan zone’s dotted around the UAE, taking advantage of the pristine weather conditions.

We’re also hearing that preparations in Qatar are taken so seriously and that this may be the most expensive World Cup ever!

The 1954 World Cup on TV was the first to be Televised 

That’s right, this had a huge impact on the popularity of football games across the world.

The tournament was held in Switzerland, and Germany won the cup!

Traveling to Qatar to support your team?

We’re lucky to be in the UAE, as the close proximity to Qatar gives us easy access to the World Cup with nearly 120 shuttle flights daily! As well as other charter flights connected to the event.

The DWC Airport is ready for the several hundred thousand football fans with 60 check-in counters as well as passport control counters and nearly 21 boarding gates to serve the excited passengers perfectly.

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Along with Hayya Card, travel insurance is mandatory to enter Qatar and enjoy the matches.

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Don’t forget to explore the beauty of Doha with all the beautiful beaches and shopping attractions, and most importantly, make sure to treasure these memories as this World Cup is one of a kind.

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