Weirdest Insurance Claims Ever Made

02/03/2022 - 3 minute read

The thing about insurance is that people don’t really think it’s necessary... that is until they find themselves in a sticky situation.

Whether it’s something as common as a car accident or as rare as your house catching on fire - you’re likely to file a claim for something at least once in your life. And while most claims that are made are pretty routine, a few claims have found their way to the headlines over the years because they were just that.. bizarre. 

Here are 5 of the weirdest insurance claims ever made: 

1. iPhone meets cow 🐮

A UK farmer filed a claim for his iPhone, which he lost one night after helping one of his cows with its delivery. The crazy part is that he didn’t just lose his phone around his house or the farm, he claimed that his iPhone disappeared inside the livestock... and his insurance provider paid out his claim in full.

2. Cows meet car 🐮

Another cow-related claim (which we didn't think were as common as they apparently are). A couple in the UK filed a claim for the damages their car exterior suffered by a herd of cows that they said were licking their car to the point that the paint was completely damaged. And once again, their insurance provider paid out their claim in full.

We just have one question before we move on: what is the deal with cows in the UK? 

3. Something old, new, fiery, and blue 👰

They say one of the best days of your life is your wedding day. But that couldn't have been further from the truth for one woman who's dress caught on fire during her wedding in Italy. And while they put out the fire quickly and the woman was uninjured, her beautiful handmade dress was sadly not. Silver lining is that she filed a claim for her dress, and received a 50% payout from her insurance company.

4. #DontLookUp 🥥

A tourist in Sri Lanka was sunbathing by the beach when a coconut fell on her head, knocking her unconscious. And since coconut-related stats are surprisingly grim (with around 150 deaths per year caused by falling coconuts) it was actually included in her travel cover, and she was fully compensated for her medical expenses. 

5. Monkeys gone bananas 🐒

If you thought protection against falling coconuts was the weirdest thing that's ever been included in a travel cover, think again. A couple in Malaysia had many of their items (mainly clothing) stolen by wild monkeys, and thankfully, their travel cover included “theft by monkeys” as a benefit, so they were fully compensated for their losses. And while our own travel covers aren’t that expansive, they’ve got a load of benefits that will safeguard your trip and ensure your peace of mind. 

Now we’re not saying that these things happen to the average person, or that they're even close to the realm of possibility, but you never know 👀. So plan ahead, and insure your vacation, your car, your home, and your valuables with Beema, before the next sneaky monkey finds its way to them.

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Weirdest Insurance Claims Ever Made

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