We won the award for “Fastest Growing Insurtech Company”!

01/21/2022 - read

Beema won the award for “Fastest Growing Insurtech Company” at The Global Economics Awards, hosted in Dubai on January 20th 🎉!

Since launching in September 2019, Beema has seen an exponential growth in the UAE market, and has expanded its product verticals to include Travel and Home insurance alongside it’s hero product: Pay-per-kilometer car insurance. We’ve also recently announced the launch of our innovative and unique behavioral car insurance, Beema SmartDriver, in UAE and have a unique Health insurance product in the works.

We’re constantly working to enhance our existing products through the utilization of digital technology, and expanding our portfolio based on customer needs in the market. To be recognized as the fastest growing company in the insurtech sphere is something we’re really proud of, and something we’ve worked tirelessly over the span of 2 years to achieve. 

What Is InsurTech? 👨🏻‍💻

InsurTech is a combination of the words "Insurance" and "Technology", inspired by the term FinTech which is a combination of "Finance" and "Technology". It is the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the old insurance model.

Technology used smart 🧠

Our technology enables users to get their insurance needs done hassle-free & end-to-end online, allowing our customers to arrange their insurance needs from anywhere!  This, in combination with our innovative Pay-per-kilometer and SmartDriver car insurance, makes Beema stand out from the competition. Users can easily submit their application and their mileage reading from their mobile, and be rewarded for lower mileage throughout the year or for improved driving habits.

We, at Beema, want to make insurance simpler, easier, and fairer. The reason for this is that we saw that there was a space for transforming the industry from what is traditionally proposed by the insurance players", said our CEO, Nicola Garelli.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team, who’s dedication to Beema’s vision is what allows us to achieve milestones like this 🧡.

Here’s to many more! 

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We won the award for “Fastest Growing Insurtech Company”!

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