Top 4 outdoor workout spots for #Dubai30x30

11/21/2021 - 3 minute read

For this year’s #Dubai30x30 Fitness Challenge, why not hit two birds with one stone and get those workouts in while also enjoying UAE’s rare November breeze?

It’s November in UAE, and you know what that means: the workout month of the year is finally upon us! And with it, comes the highly anticipated weather that finally lets us go for outdoor walks or runs without risking a heatstroke. So while the window of opportunity is still open, it’s time to get out of the office, the house, and even the gym - and enjoy #Dubai30x30 in some of Dubai’s best outdoor workout spots.

First of all, what is #Dubai30x30?

#Dubai30x30 is an initiative that was launched in Dubai a few years ago to encourage people of all ages to continue or kickstart a healthier lifestyle by completing 30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days. Friends, families, and coworkers alike join in on this yearly tradition with some friendly competition to bring out everybody's inner fitness junkie. And you don't need a gym membership to do this, especially now.

Here are 4 outdoor workout spots in Dubai that'll make you want to put those gym memberships on hold until further notice:

1. Kite Beach

This might be an obvious one for Dubai residents, but we had to add it to the list because it continues to be one of the best spots! If you enjoy running, jogging, or walking with a scenic view to your side - this is the perfect spot for you. Nothing beats a sunrise or a sunset run by the beach. Especially when you can go for a post-workout bite at the many food truck options in the area. 

2. Al Barsha Pond Park

There are several parks in Dubai with free workout equipment setups, one of which is Al Barsha Pond Park. Whether you want to do a solo workout or a group workout, they’ve got it all with running tracks, fitness machines, bike rentals, basketball courts, and more. The park is also centered around a pond, and has playgrounds and child-friendly areas. Talk about a full package.

3. Skydive Dubai

Before you jump to any conclusions *pun intended*, hear us out. SkyDive Dubai is not just about skydiving. It also has dedicated outdoor facilities for workouts and exercises. You can choose from a wide range of activities including climbing, gymnastics, cross-fit training, etc - all with the unique view of skydivers above.

4. The Warehouse Beach

Also known as Dubai’s Muscle Beach, this outdoor gym will always have something new for you. It features fitness machines, weight-training gear, and equipment for spinning classes cross fit exercises, and spaces that allow for functional workouts like rope climbing, squats and HIIT training. And if you wanna go for a dip in the ocean to cool off after a long workout? You can do just that!

These are just 4 of our favorite outdoor workout spots in Dubai - what are yours?

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Top 4 outdoor workout spots for #Dubai30x30

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