Most expensive claims ever made

02/23/2022 - 3 minute read

In our latest blog, we went through some of the weirdest (and funniest) insurance claims that have ever been made. But what about the most expensive? Here are 5 of the most outrageously expensive insurance payouts in history:

1. $1.2 million: car insurance 🏎️

Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson made headlines in 2011 (and not for Johnny English Reborn) but for filing a $1.2 million insurance claim for the repair of his McLaren F1 car. What could cause such damage to warrant such a hefty claim you might ask? Atkinson’s car unfortunately aquaplaned when he drove through a puddle of water on the road, leading him to crash into a tree where his car subsequently caught fire. 

Very reminiscent of his TV persona, if you ask us 👀.

2. $21,000: pet insurance 🐈

Although most people associate insurance with cars, homes, and health - many take out policies for their fur babies, to cover the cost of unforeseen surgeries, vet expenses, and god-forbid, euthanasia. And one cat owner filed a pretty hefty claim for his cat’s kidney surgery, totaling $21,000. 

3. $17.7 million: art insurance 🎨

Art insurance might not be something the average person invests in, but that’s not the case for galleries housing some of the world's most renowned art pieces. The largest art insurance claim was filed almost 30 years ago, when 3 pieces by J.M. Turner and Caspar Friendrich were stolen from a gallery in Germany. The pieces were loaned by London’s Tate gallery at the time, which had them insured for almost $18 million, and received a payout of over $36 million. 

4. $130 billion: hurricane damage 🌪️

Some of the largest insurance payouts recorded in history were a result of natural disasters. In 2005, hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma resulted in almost 4,000 deaths and colossal property damage. It’s safe to say that insurers at the time were working overdrive - paying a whopping $130 billion in claims ranging from life insurance , home insurance, contents insurance, and property insurance. 

5. $202 million in life insurance 💰

Although not technically a claim, it’s still outrageous enough to include in this list. A mystery tech billionaire purchased a life insurance policy worth over $200 million back in 2014. Any guesses on who it might be? 

We hope you’re never in a situation that warrants filing claims as outrageous as the ones mentioned here, but better safe than sorry. So just to be on the safe side, make sure to insure everything you cherish with Beema, from your car, to your home, your valuables, or a vacation you’ve really been looking forward to. 

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Most expensive claims ever made

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