Hooray! Beema launches behavioral car insurance

01/11/2022 - 2 minute read

New year, new car insurance. And a really exciting one at that! 

Beema welcomed the new year by launching a new and innovative behavioral car insurance, “Beema SmartDriver”, which rewards users for safer driving 🎉. 

Reckless drivers get their fair share of tickets. But we believe the opposite should be true too - responsible drivers should be rewarded. And that's where Beema SmartDriver comes in.With this unique car insurance, you’ll be rewarded with things like cashback at the end of your policy period for maintaining responsible habits on the road 💰. 

Think of it as the ‘anti-ticket’

But, how does it work exactly? 

It’s very simple. SmartDriver can be activated through Beema’s mobile app, which utilizes the latest technology to measure your driving behavior (without any tracking devices or black boxes). With each trip you make, the app will measure things like speeding, sudden breaking, and phone handling - and provide you with a Driving Score after every trip. At the end of your policy period, you will be rewarded based on your aggregate Driving Score. It’s that simple! 

And with user privacy and data protection at its core, SmartDriver abides by strict GDPR regulations and maintains the highest levels of cybersecurity. In other words, your personal data will not be collected or monitored, so you can use the product at full ease 😎. 

The launch of SmartDriver is another step in Beema’s mission to Make Insurance Lovable. By sharing our profitability with our customers, we’re one step closer to making the process of insurance something people actually enjoy, rather than a necessary evil. 

"We at Beema try to innovate the way we price risk and the way we interact with customers, the way we give incentives to customers and to be more transparent, but also to use the insurance product in a more conscious way,” said Beema CEO, Nicola Garelli.

Nicola Garelli, CEO of Beema Insurance.

SmartDriver is the first product of its kind in the market, and the first to launch in the region. But keep an eye out - we have even more exciting things up our sleeve for 2022 👀

Interested? Download Beema's mobile app now and test out SmartDriver for yourself!

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Hooray! Beema launches behavioral car insurance

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