Beema’s 2021 Highlights

12/22/2021 - 2 minute read

2021 is about to wrap up, and boy what a year it’s been! As everybody reflects on their accomplishments, milestones - and perhaps a few errs here and there, we've also looked back at some of Beema's most special moments over the past 12 months.

Here are a *few* of the milestones we’re proud of achieving this past year: 

We won “Best InsurTech Solution 2021” 🏆

Easily one of our proudest moments this year. To be recognized as leaders in the industry by such a renowned institution like Entrepreneur Middle East and the panel of experts associated with it was truly one of the highlights of 2021. And it’s all thanks to our rockstar team whose hard work and innovation is the cornerstone of Beema’s success.  

Beema team at the Leaders in FinTech Award for Best Insurtech

We launched Beema Home & Travel Insurance 🛡️

Due to the massive success of our Pay-per-kilometer car insurance, we expanded our product verticals to also include Home & Travel insurance products - each equally as simple, unique, and tailored as our car insurance. But we didn't stop there. Keep an eye out in 2022 - we might have a few other innovative products up our sleeve 👀.  

We introduced a multi-portal strategy 🎯

Stemming from our values of Simpler, Easier, and Fairer - we introduced a multi-portal strategy for our customers. You can now get a quote, purchase a Beema policy, redeem your cashback, get roadside assistance, basically the whole 9 yards - through mobile web, desktop, or our mobile app. Whichever’s easier for you 😉. 

We scored a great customer satisfaction rating 🌟

In just two years since launching, Beema scored 4.6/5 on Trustpilot with over 750 reviews. Ranging from our products and services, to our unique cashback proposition and excellent customer service team, it's safe to say that our customers are very happy to be part of the Beema family. And being the user-centric organization that we are, we're constantly working to improve our operations to nudge that score to 5/5, by listening to our customers and taking in their feedback on a granular level. 

We rewarded customers with over AED 610,000 in cashback!💰

What makes Beema unique is that we're the only insurer in the market that shares profitability with our customers. And in 2021, we did just that!

This year, the number of customers who received cashback increased by over 16 times compared to 2020. As of now, Beema customers were rewarded with a total of over AED 610,000 in cashback. And we're only planning to expand this further in 2022.

We celebrated Beema's 2nd anniversary! 🥳

2021 marked Beema's second year of commercial operations. And with all the uncertainty that 2020 brought to the world, we're really proud that Beema not only survived this tumultuous period, but thrived well into 2021. Again, all thanks to our rockstar team whose dedication to Beema never wavered and allowed us to achieve all that we have this past year.

And on a less serious note: we had a pretty cool billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road 😎

Seeing our Beema peach decorate Dubai in a 150 meter billboard was really special. Especially in one of UAE's most iconic highways.

These are only a few of the milestones we’re proud of achieving this past year (we know you’re probably busy with last-minute holiday shopping so we won’t bore you with the rest). But if you’re interested to see Beema’s journey from inception in 2019 to date, check out this video.

A lot of exciting things are in the works for Beema in the upcoming year, so make sure to keep an eye out for more innovation, growth, and a whole lot of cashback in 2022.

Here's to another year filled with incredible milestones - here's to 2022! 🎉

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Beema’s 2021 Highlights

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