6 car noises you shouldn’t ignore

04/21/2022 - 4 minute read

Picture this: you’re driving back home after a long day of work and hear a weird noise coming from your car. Your car’s still driving smoothly and perfectly fine - do you take it to a mechanic? Or do you just hope that the noise goes away on its own? 

We’ve all swept a car noise here or there under the rug in the hopes that it’s just a one-time occurrence. After all, who wants to voluntarily take an hour of their day to take their car to the workshop? But more often than not, these simple car noises you’ve been ignoring are actually signs of much bigger issues. So for your own sake, and for the sake of anyone you plan on driving around in your car, the next time you hear one of the following sounds coming from your car - don’t ignore it. 

1. Screeching from under the hood

This usually occurs when the serpentine belt has come loose or has gotten worn out.  The serpentine belt is what operates many important parts of your car including your water pump, radiator fan, to name a few. So if you hear any screeching from under the hood, take your car to a workshop and have it checked out. You’ll either need to replace it immediately, or soon. And just an FYI: your car can’t operate without it - so don’t postpone that mechanic appointment. 

2. Low-pitched humming

A humming sound could mean a few different things. Your transmission might be out of place, the differential may need more lubricant, or the wheel bearings are worn out. It’s important to take your car to a mechanic as soon as you hear a humming sound because he’ll be able to identify what the problem is exactly. 

3. Rattling or hissing

We know these are typical of snakes, but don worry - the more likely culprit for this is your exhaust system. A dysfunctional exhaust system can lead to a plethora of different noises, each meaning something different. If it’s blocked, you’ll hear a chuggling-like sound. If it’s not aligned, you’ll hear a rattling sound. If it’s cracked, you’ll hear a hissing sound. 

4. Scraping on your windshield

This is more of an obvious one - but one that often gets ignored until the damage is done. If you hear scraping or screeching noises on your windshield when your windshield wipers are turned on, have them replaced immediately. The cost of replacing them is nothing compared to your entire windshield, which you’ll eventually need to replace if you ignore the sound for too long and the damage is long overdue. 

5. Ticking when you stop the car

If you hear a ticking sound when you park your car and its switched off, it’s likely that you need an oil change. Take your car to a mechanic ASAP if you hear this sound. 

6. Screeching from the brakes

Another one that may seem obvious - but goes ignored more often than you think. If you start to hear screeching sounds when you hit the brakes, your calipers are grinding against your car’s rotors. This is one that you absolutely cannot put off, not even for a day. The health of your brakes is directly correlated with your own safety. Take your car to a workshop as soon as you can, because they’ll only get worse with time, making your car more dangerous to drive. We don’t want another Process DIana incident, do we?  

Now that you got an express lesson on different car noises and their meanings, make sure to also insure your car with Beema incase you ever forget to take your car to a mechanic - and find yourself in a sticky situation. 

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6 car noises you shouldn’t ignore

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